How to submit your blog sitemap in google

Sitemap is a list of your blog pages.It includes all your blog pages,url and is a totally free service.It index your blog important pages in search is a form of Xml text helps visitors to find your blog’s correct pages in search speed up the website and new web page discovery.

Google sitemap crawled your blog more effectively and also a good source to attract organic traffic.Google sitemap categorized your web pages exactly how you want.So these are the benefits of google sitemap and now below i show you how to submit google sitemap for your blog.

Submit sitemap in google

1. First go to this website Xml sitemap

2. Fill your blog url in starting url box


3.Click on start button

4.In next page you can see your sitemap ( can also download your sitemap in different format.See the picture below


5.Now the time to submit sitemap in google

6. log in into your gmail account and go to Google webmaster tools

7. Now click on your blog url.see the picture below (if you want to add your blog or site in google webmaster please Read this )


8.Now your site dashboard will be open then click on sitemaps


9. click on add/test sitemap


10.Just enter sitemap.xml See the picture below

image y

11.Click on submit sitemap button.

its done

(Note :-Google takes Few days after sitemap submission)

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