Speed up your blog with online image tools

Some time visitor reading your blog article but your blog page take so much time to load beacuse of big size of photos.I know you have other tools like photoshop to resize or shrink your photos but sometimes we are not at home then it help us to used it on cafe,relatives home etc.Below are some online tools which shrink your pics in just few seconds.


1.Shrink Pictures
Shrink Pictures is a resizing utility that allows users to shrink photos.You can easily resize your pics in jpg, png or
gif files, as well as, Digital Photos.

2.JPEG optimizer
It is a also great and free image optimizer tool. You can compress your pic between level 0 to 99 . if your photo is large please be  patience it may take a few moments

3.Web Resizer
web resizer is a free tool which helps you to reduce your photo size, adjust contrast, brightness, saturation,add border,crop pics and much more

4.Dynamic drive
it accepts gif,jpg,png formats and your photo size limit is 2.86mb.it also convert your pic in different formats.You can also add pic using url.

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