Best Blogging Platform’s

Everyone know that blogging growing day-by-day and there are many blogging platforms which allow you to create a blog free of cost. I research some free and best blogging platforms for you which has great interface,layouts,widgets and themes.Below are the best blogging platforms :-



WordPress is a largest blogging platform in the world.It is totally free on if you want self hosting you have  paid opition on charge around 60$/year include domain name.Wordpress have large no of great themes,widgets,plugins and give your blog some proffesional looks.



Blogger also known as blogspot. blogger launched by pyra labs on 23 August,1999 and now owned by google. It is a very old blogging platform. Even a caveman can easily create blog in blogger. You can also set a domain name for your blog in 10$/year without paying any extra charge of web hosting.



TypePad is blogging service owned by SAY Media. It launched in October 2003. Like all blogging platform it also have great templates and widgets. it support several languages and easy to import/export data to others blogging platforms.its paid plan starts at $8.95 and charge additional for custom design,mapping and technical support

image is wordpress-powered blogging platform. like all above blogging platform it’s also free.It has 2GB storage and support many languages.But compared to wordpress it shows too many adds.For removing adds we have to paid extra has beautiful paid or free themes for users and large amount of other tools.

5.Live Journal


LiveJournal(LJ) was started on April 15, 1999 by American programmer Brad Fitzpatrick.its a virtual community where people gets blogs, journal or diary . its also have great blogging tools like other blogging journal also have some social networking features like other social networking sites.

6. Blogetery


blogetery is powerd by wordpress. You can easily publish post,videos,links in just single has more than 100 themes and has 40 plugins.but adds is shown on all free blogs for remove this add you have to buy paid plan which is around 4$ gives you custom design,mapping,add- free,support etc



You can easily create blog in blogsome. it has all kind of wordpress  themes.You have to ask smart question to become the part of this community. it also has nice interface and good support system.In blogsome if somebody stole other websites content they remove these blogs.



Tumblr is Founded by david karp and launched in february 2007 owned by yahoo . tumblr is a social networking site and microblogging platform.Within two weeks tumblr had gained 75000 users. it hosts over 125 millon blogs.its has amazing themes,free custom donaim and much more.

9. Weebly


Weebly is founded by David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri in 2006. The three founders were all 22-year-old students.In 2008 weebly reached 10 lakhs is a web hosting service which had drag and drop feature. You can also design website for your clients. weebly support slideshows,image/galleries,maps etc.You can also login into site using your facebook account .it has hundred’s great of themes and templates.



Edublog created for educational purpose. You can put your questions here .Edublogs is a world largest educational service which has great number of themes and templates. You can easily manage your students/teacher blog or easy customize your designs,videos and photos.its easy and totally safe.

My Opinion

I always recommend you wordpress because wordpress is easy and run smoothly.Wordpress is SEO friendly which means you get more visitors.It has large no of beautiful themes,widgets,plugins and good support.I personally like wordpress for its self hosting service because around 60$ its give your blog a donaim name,custom design,24/7 support etc. i always recommend you to use bluehost or dreamhost for self hosting.

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