How to make your blog fantastic

Blog is a easy way to communicate with audience and also great source of making
money .There are millions of bloggers but some of them are best bloggers .Below i write
some steps about how to make your blog fantastic :-


1 Best Content:- The content is a king of your blog if you write off topics articles then
audience dont take any interset on your article. Write your article related to your blog
name.Search fully on web what you going to write on your blog.Post atleast one article
per day on your blog.Dont write too long some time visitor get bored and leave your
blog.Attach best pictures on your articles.Share it on social networking sites
(facebook,twitter,linked in etc) and submit your sites on search engines like google,bing
etc to get more traffic.

2. Best Theme:- Theme is a one of the important part of your blog if you write a best
article but your theme is too ugly then visitor dont take interset on your article .Select
best theme for your blog. Simplicity is the best . Select simple theme so visitor can
easily read your article and easily get what they need.Wordpress get lots of best free
themes then blogger and also good layout.

3. Best Plugins :- WordPress and blogger is great blog platform.They have too many
great plugins to set up your blog(category,tags etc).Using plugins visitor can easily take
actions and plugins also make your blog more effective.Akismet plugin help you to see
that comments have spam or not . it makes your article spam free.

4. Time and effort :- If you want to do something in blog line you have to give your
proper time to your blog and regularly post on your blog.Give your best on every article is
the sign of rich blogger.

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