Which is the better platform for blogging WordPress or blogger ?

This is my first post of this blog and today i am telling you that which is better platform for
blogging and its advantage or disadvantage.If you decided to start a blog first i suggest you
that find your niche.Which type of blog you are going to start tech,heath,science,nature or
something else.If you post one article of tech then another about heath then you would not
get your targated audience or visitor dont finds your blog useful and gets confused.Below
take a look of famous blogging platforms and its advantages and disadvantages :-


WordPress :- WordPress is the most famous blogging platform. You can create free blog on (wordpress.com) and paid one on (wordpress.org) i always recommend to peoples wordpress.org and for newbies wordpress.com.It has huge amount of themes,plugins,widgets and better layout.Many Famous blogs run on wordpress like Mashable,gigaom,techcrunch,shoutmeloud and lots more.

Advantages of wordpress

1.it is very easy to use and you can easily set up your blog and sign up in vew seconds

2.it has large number of free and paid themes you can easily select it for your blog and has so many plugins,colours,widgets with this you can easily customize your blog

3.Wordpress has a good server and it give your blog some professional looks

4.When you use free blogging on wordpress your donaim name is (www.yourblogname.wordpress.com) and if you want to have custom donaim name then you have to paid only 18$/year and your donaim covert into (www.yourblogname.com) it also make easier if you want to self host your blog in future

Disadvantages of wordpress

1.If you want to take full advantage of your blog then you have to choose paid service

2. For newbie it is little difficult to handle but after some time it works in flow.

3.You cant show adds on your free wordpress.com blog for this you have to create self hosted blog in wordpress.org

blogger is also know as blogspot.its owned by google.it is very old blogging platform.it also have free themes,widgets etc.it is very user friendly and dont need to have special technical skills.blogger also have free themes,widgets,clolours and themes.Below some advantages or disadvantages of blogger

Advantages of blogger

1.blogger is very friendly with google adsense because it runned by google

2.it is a good platform for newbie even an 8th standard student can easily run blogger blog

3.it runs good and smoothly

Disadvantages of blogger

1.it has limited plugins and less themes compared with wordpress

2.Very difficult to add custom donaim name for your blog

3.it has around 60 languages and wordpress has more then 120+ languages

4.When you host your blog it actually dont yours it belongs to google and one wrong step can delete your entire blog by google

Reasons to choose wordpress

WordPress has more layout,widgets,plugins compared with blogspot.it give your blog some professionaland different looks and also have good support system. it is more seo friendly with other blogging platform.For self hosting wordpress.org gives you best service. it cost for custom donaim around 13$/year and if you want self hosting it cost around 57.4$/year .i recommend  you dream host for self hosting.

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